Program Summary

The University of Southern Queensland offers an MPJM program by distance education. It is a program comprising twelve subjects.

Program Aims

The Master of Project Management aims to produce graduates who have the appropriate skills and knowledge to be capable of managing small, medium and large-sized projects as either a senior team leader, project manager or project director.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Master of Project Management students will be able to:

demonstrate an underlying knowledge of the theoretical structure of project management as defined by the Project Management Body of Knowledge

demonstrate essential skills in relation to identification and analysis of sustainability management for projects, and integrate sustainability management across the life-cycle of the project

apply the theoretical principles of project management to a project environment in relation to: scope and requirements management, project scheduling and time management, project cost management, project quality management, project human resources management, project communications management, project risk management, project procurement management, project integration management and stakeholder management

demonstrate a comprehension of complex ethical dilemmas for various stakeholders within a project management environment

Periods of Teaching

The MPJM is offered by distance education and consists of 12 courses (subjects). There are 3 semesters per year.

Semester                     Study Period                                           Commencement Date
Semester 2,2015      July – November 2015                            20 July 2015
Semester 3,2015      November 2015 – February 2016        16 November 2015
Semester 1,2016      February – June 2016                            29 February 2016

Application due dates:
Semester 2,2015  –  3 July 2015
Semester 3,2015  –  30 October 2015
Semester 1,2016  –  12 February 2016

Program Structure

The Master of Project Management consists of 8 core courses – 4 foundation core plus 4 non-foundation core courses, plus any4 elective courses selected from the Master of Business Administration or any 4 courses offered by USQ with the permission of the Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts.


On completion of the Master of Project Management, students may apply for entry into the Doctor of Business Administration (DBAR) program. The number of courses to be completed to satisfy the requirements to graduate from the Doctor of Business Administration will depend on the courses completed in the Master of Project Management.  Students wishing to consider this option should contact the Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts.

Admission Requirements

Entry into the Master of Project Management requires a tertiary qualification at bachelor degree of equivalent (AQF level 7) in a project management related discipline from a recognised institution, and two years’ full-time relevant professional work experience in business.

For candidates who meet the program work experience requirements but do not hold a bachelor degree or equivalent (AQF level 7) in a business-related discipline, USQ’s Graduate Certificate of Business provides an articulation pathway into the Master of Project Management.

Candidates with a graduate certificate (AQF level 8) or higher qualification in any discipline with two years’ full-time relevant professional work experience in business may apply for entry into the Master of Project Management.  Eligibility for entry will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Note: There are limited places available so an early submission of your application will improve your chances of obtaining a place in the MPJM program.

Please note that you will need to include a CV of your working experience and certified copies of all qualifications with your application in order for USQ to evaluate your application.

Study Packages

All study material will be available online on UConnect. Students may require additional textbooks, which can be ordered from Australia. (Delivery at your doorstep within five working days).

Internet Access

Students receive a user name and password to access the student site: UConnect. With this password, you will be able to join subject discussion groups and email your lecturer. All course material, assignment results and past examination papers are available on the internet.

Local Support

As the Local Support Office of USQ in Africa, we are here to assist students. We receive and distribute study CDs, collect fees, arrange examinations (as close to home as possible – we already have 72 centres in South Africa alone), assist students with any problems they may have and see to any administrative matters requiring our attention. (It should be noted that study materials are set up to assist students to study independently wherever they may be.)


The duration of the program depends on the distance education student’s dedication and time available. Students normally study 2 courses per semester. There are 3 teaching periods per year. Distance education students can commence their studies any semester and complete their MPRM within 2 to 6 years. Students need to study ±15 hours per week per course. This equates to 165 hours per semester per course (subject).

Assessment and Examinations

Assessment requirements vary according to the courses being studied. Details are provided in each student’s package. To complete each course, it is standardl to submit a number of assignments or reports by scheduled dates. Completed assignments are returned to the student with a grade and feedback to further assist their learning. Most courses include an end of semester examination. Examinations are held at the end of each semester and take place during working hours. Timetables are sent out so that students can plan accordingly.


Credit may be granted on the bases of completed equivalent postgraduate study from a recognised university.  In order for credit to be granted the claim must meet the following specific requirements:

the course was passed within 5 years prior to the application (courses up to 10 years old may be considered if evidence is provided that the applicant has been employed in that field

the course passed is sufficiently equivalent in objectives, content and weightings to a course prescribed in the Master of Project Management, or alternatively, the course is suitable as an elective

the maximum number of exemptions granted cannot be greater than 6 courses for the Master of Project Management

Claims for exemption should be submitted prior to or at the time of enrollment in a course. Each claim will be assessed on individual merit in line with the Faculty’s exemption policies. Exemptions approved in this program will not automatically apply to other programs offered by USQ.

Note: Where exemptions are granted, maximum and minimum durations will be adjusted in the same proportion as exemptions.

Exit Points

Students must maintain a good standing in this program. Those who do not complete the Master of Project Management, but who satisfy all the requirements of the Graduate Certificate of Business or the Graduate Diploma of Business may be permitted to exit with that qualification.

Should you be interested in studying for the University of Southern Queensland’s Master of Project Management (MPJM), and would like more information and pricing, please email your name, contact numbers and address to We will get back to you just as soon as we can.