“I’d like to express my gratitude to the staff of the University of Southern Queensland, and particularly the local staff located in Johannesburg, for the determined support that I have received in the last few years. It has been a pleasure to be enrolled with such a quality tertiary institution with special reference to the efficiency of the staff. During my time with USQ, I made a number of new friends, both amongst the fellow students and also the lecturers. I found the university to be very open to suggestions and always willing to assist in any matter. For future students, I can undoubtedly recommend the USQ for further studies” Gert J S de Leeuw (PrTechni, BA, NDIp, BEngT)

“I’d like to thank you and your staff for the excellent support and co-operation I received whilst studying for my MBA. It is not often that one experiences such commitment and genuine concern. I think part of the reason I completed the course as quickly as I did was having you pushing and encouraging me along the way. The course itself I found to be comprehensive and challenging. The units in the course were very detailed and I found the support tools to be very helpful when it came to drafting my assignments. The quality and standard of the course is of an exceptionally high standard and contains practical examples, which helps one understand the content more easily. I’m proud to have obtained my degree through the University of Southern Queensland and would highly recommend the institution to anyone who wants to further his or her qualifications in any field. Thanking you all for your assistance”. Shameel Joosub, Vodacom: Managing Director

“My experience during the course of studies towards my MBA has been a rich and rewarding one. From a pure knowledge point of view, I’ve gained immense insight into an array of study fields from finance to human resources. Coming from an accounting background, I can say that my studies have assisted in transforming me into a better rounded individual. Viewing my studies from a support and methodology point of view, it became apparent that USQ is very much geared towards the telematic studying system in that the ease of dealing with and rapid response from both the Australian and Johannesburg staff has been commendable. I would encourage any prospective student to seriously consider the MBA program offered by USQ”. Jacques Boshoff

“I wanted to say that I really enjoyed doing your MBA. The flexibility of it was very important for me as a wife, mother and working woman. I was very interested in doing an MBA because I believe my calling is in the corporate world and I perceived a gap in my knowledge. I wanted to understand more fully what makes businesses succeed or not. The USQ MBA helped me to do this especially since most of the time I was working by myself through the material and had to figure out things by hard work, research and emails to lecturers. I can say I have emerged from this experience more confident in tackling business issues”. Mwangala Marilyn Bonna

“The support from the lecturers and the South African office were the best. The guidance and motivation from the South African office was immeasurable. (They really are a brilliant group of ladies). I found the study material easy to navigate. The response to queries from the study forums and the lecturers were done within a reasonable turnaround time considering the time difference between South Africa and Queensland” Melanie Moodley, January 2012, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

“I really want to thank you and Ronel together with the others that assist you behind the scene for the incredible service and support you provided to me and the other people. I am humbled to have had interacted with you and please keep the good work going” Letladi Maisela, February 2013, MBA

“I’ve just completed a MBA with USQ via the Liaison Office in South Africa. The service and support that I received has been exemplary in all aspects. The administration processes were accomplished professionally and queries were handled promptly. Ronel’s support and enthusiasm to assist me was evident in the extra effort made on her behalf. The university comes highly recommended” Joel Levy, September 2012, Master of Business Administration

“You guys have been so good to me in such a way that I felt I was the only student you were looking after. Not only did you show willingness to help but you always followed up to make sure my problems were resolved. You responded promptly to queries and your continuous support was always appreciated. Because of your good relations with students, I would not hesitate to refer others to study at USQ through your office” Zinhle Buthelezi, December 2012, MBA (OHS)

“While living in South Africa I was looking for an international DBA offered as a distance learning program as I knew I would soon be emigrating and needed to ensure that the program would continue after I did so. USQ offered the type of program that fitted in with my requirements. The program was a big investment on my part, but it was worth every cent. Thank you for helping me to achieve my dream” Jose Cross, September 2012, Doctor of Business Administration

“The service rendered from the University has always been of the highest standard. A very competent and professional team that I would willingly work with in the future. Well done to all of the team at the South Africa office” Vanessa Dones-Smythe, August 2011, Master of Management (International Business)

“I would like to thank you and your team for rigorously marketing USQ to South Africans. If it were not for your efforts, I wouldn't have known about USQ and enrolled with this excellent university. During the program (MPRM) period, you kept me informed and were unfailingly courteous. Your liaison with regards to issues raised were proficient, timely and pleasant. I have no hesitation in recommending USQ and your service to colleagues, friends and neighbors” David Mahlangu, August 2011, Master in Project Management.

"The service I received from Ronel, Marcia and Adri has been excellent. Always willing to help, they made my studies easier with the information and advice I received. The Master in Engineering program was intellectually stimulating and allowed independent thinking. The program allowed me the flexibility to decide on the courses for my studies. I would without hesitation recommend USQ as one’s choice of learning institution" Theo Wilcox, August 2011, MEngineering (Engineering Project Management)

“You guys know what you are doing and you do it very well. I have told you this before. From all the three countries where I have been operating from during the time of my studies, you have just been there at the click of a button!!!” Leonissah Munjoma, December 2011, Master of Project Management

“Thank you very much for your support. As indicated, I will pursue my Project Management next year. You have been a pillar of support to me and a source of encouragement. Thanks once again to USQ SA for your un-ending support. To me you have become a family”. Morgan Sithole, December 2011, Master of Management

“It was a pleasure studying at USQ for my Masters in Project Management degree. The course work was exciting and the quality of material in line with best international standard. The support staff at the local USQ offices was excellent. They provided good service when called upon, were always there and were willing to provide assistance and guidance and support during my study period” Tilson Manyoni, May 2012, Master of Project Management

“Thank you Ronel and thanks to you for your unwavering support during my time of studies juggling between family, work and studies but you were so patient and encouraging” Idani Kudzingana, August 2012, Master of Project Management

“An enriching and fulfilling roller-coaster ride. Studying through USQ opens new avenues in the professional world. I highly recommend USQ’s courses and the South African liaison office to anyone who wishes to nurture one’s academic and professional health” Nitin Gocool, May 2012, Master of Project Management

“The South African-based office, ‘the centre of excellence’ – the entire team is wonderful, they value their students immensely, they have also been a pillar of strength to me when things were not going so well, and effectively guided me on my study process” Jeethan Maharaj, December 2012, Master of Project Management (Environmental Management)

“Without the South African office, I ‘m not sure whether I would be filling this form as a successful post-graduate. The office was like an umbilical cord between USQ and I” Peke Sebape, January 2013, Master in Project Management

“The South African branch staff are the most efficient service personnel that I have came across (and that includes the international market that I have worked in). They are highly efficient with respect to service delivery and their flexibility is second to none” Sabeer Ibrahim, May 2013, Master of Project Management

“The South African liaison office friendly staff helped me with advice with the choosing of subjects and timelines. The office kept me up to date with relevant course information such as admin, finance, book orders and exam timelines” Nico van Coller, September 2011, MBA (Information Systems)

“My sincere appreciation to the South African Education Centre for helping me gain my Master in Management specialising in SHE Management. During my 5 years of study, your office was always there to support me. I have learnt a lot, my understanding of Safety Health and Environment has increased and I’m performing at my best at my workplace. I cannot compliment USQ SA enough” Johnson Dayal, July 2012, MMGT (SHE)

“I cannot over-emphasis the support I received from you and your team. You contributed to all the success I have achieved..I would like to thank everyone in the office for being such an inspiration. Your encouragement and support were very important to me and I’d like you to know that you are free to use me as a reference whenever you want” Fred Andongndou, March 2013, Master of Project Management

“I have been fortunate in having such professional, warm, caring persons at your offices to assist me through my studies and your team were always there to support me. The registration, communication and delivery of study materials were handled promptly and you always followed up to ensure I had the necessary tools for my studies. Your guidance with regards choice of subjects for the semesters was excellent. I could not ask for better!!” Shareetha Ismail, July 2012

“I would like to thank you and your team for the support you provided during my studies at USQ. Through your assistance, my studies went smoothly. I have received excellent administration support and my study material was always on time. Thank you for your support throughout this journey” Yandile Galada, December 2011, MMGT (SHE) Postgraduate Diploma in Business

“Starting with my Post Graduate Certificate in Business program, then my Master of Project Management Program, and finally my Master of Business Administration program, the Liaison Office staff in Johannesburg were always there for me, to the extent that I felt as if the USQ main campus was in South Africa. Many thanks to Ronel and Adri whom I will greatly miss”. Hendrick Mtemeri , Business Development Manager: Consolidated Power Projects (Pty) Ltd.

“I found the USQ Liaison office to be an efficient and effective co-ordinator. I was updated timeously concerning my registrations for upcoming semesters. Additionally, l received my study materials in good time and was never short of good quality advice. This helped make long distance studying easier. I would recommend the South African USQ Liaison office to anyone” Lynn Ngwenya, January 2013, Master of Public Relations